i hate people but i like you // an andy/april mix

i. crazy little thing called love // queen (there goes my baby / she knows how to rock n’ roll / she drives me crazy)

ii. accidentally in love // counting crows (so you said “what’s the problem, baby?” / “what’s the problem?”, i don’t know / maybe i’m in love)

iii. happy together // the turtles (i can’t see me loving nobody but you / for all my life)

iv. the way you look tonight // frank sinatra (some day, when I’m awfully low / when the world is cold / i will feel a glow just thinking of you)

v. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine (and i would put them back in poetry if i only knew how / i can’t seem to understand it)

vi. can’t fight this feeling // reo speedwagon (what started out as friendship, has grown stronger / i only wish i had the strength to let it show)

vii. your song // elton john (i know it’s not much but it’s the best that i can do / my gift is my song and this one is for you)

viii. i hate people // jemina pearl (feat. iggy pop) (oh i / i hate people / oh i / but i like you)

ix. marry you // bruno mars (it’s a beautiful night / we’re looking for something dumb to do / hey baby / i think i wanna marry you)

x. just say yes // snow patrol (just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back / it’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind / only love)

xi. every night // imagine dragons (i'm the colorless sunrise / that’s never good enough / i'm the wind that's in your hair / that ruffles you up)

xii. you make my dreams // hall & oates (twist and shout my way out / and wrap yourself around me / cause i ain’t the way you found me)

xiii. i love how you love me // neutral milk hotel (i love how your eyes close / whenever you kiss me / and when i’m away from you / i love how you miss me)

xiv. young dumb and in love // mat kearney (she’s not like any other girl / she’s got me crying first, dying first)

xv. the only one // the black keys (i'm so wrapped up in a daze / hoping this is just a phase / but when all is said and done / i know you are still the one)

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