EPOSETTE AU: Ancient Greece

Corinth, 435 b.C.

Marius has to go to Corcyra to fight in the war, leaving his wife Cosette in Corinth, alone and sorry, praying the gods for his return. During the young soldier’s bitter absence, Cosette finds consolation in Éponine, one of their slaves, who loves secretly his owner and cries his departure.

Time passes, and together they achieve to forget the pain, drowning the sorrow with their warm company in bed during the coldest nights. Touched by Aphrodite, a new feeling wakes inside Cosette and Éponine, a guilty and illicit love that they can not stop.

433 b.C. 

After the battle of Sybota, Corinth and Corcyra accord the peace. Marius comes back home, and Cosette receives him with love and glee. However, she can not forget what Éponine and she lives together, nor the slave, and they still meet secretly, keeping on their forbidden love. But Éponine falls into jealousy when she look at Marius and Cosette together, and her love for her makes her suffers so much, she decides to take her own life in the sea of the Corinth Canal.

'Twas this deprived my soul of rest, 
And raised such tumults in my breast; 
For, while I gazed, in transport tossed, 
My breath was gone, my voice was lost.

Ode to a Loved One, Sappho 

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